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Business Cultures Across the World

A practical guide

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Description :

This practical guide is for everyone in international business interacting with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues of different nationalities.

Once aware of business cultures you will focus on what really matters to get things done, mainly time, trust, connecting, money, decision-making, action, emotions, leadership, rules and policy.

This bookcovers the whole world, quickly and clearly highlighting six families of business culture. In particular it looks at 21 country or regional profiles, exploring the key features of how they do business.

They account for 90% of the global economy.

Nuts and bolts take aways inform key business situations: what you need to know but donot see; women in business; meetings; negotiations; and pressing the right buttons.

This no-nonsense global guide is the fruit of 30 years’ work developing business in the field. It should match the real needs of managers in the front line of international trade, reducing stress, enhancing ability and streamlining performance.

Editeur PUG

Auteur(s) : De Erwan Henry

Collection : Hors collection

Parution : mars 2019

ISBN13 (Livre papier) : 978-2-706-14261-1
EAN13 (Livre papier) : 9782706142611

ISBN13 (eBook [ePub]) : 978-2-706-14341-0
EAN13 (eBook [ePub]) : 9782706143410

ISBN13 (eBook [ePub]) : 978-2-706-14295-6
EAN13 (eBook [ePub]) : 9782706142956

ISBN13 (eBook [PDF]) : 978-2-706-14340-3
EAN13 (eBook [PDF]) : 9782706143403

ISBN13 (eBook [PDF]) : 978-2-706-14294-9
EAN13 (eBook [PDF]) : 9782706142949

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