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United Tech of Europe

2019 - Women in tech - Tech for good - Talents - Blockchain - Inclusive tech - AL for good - European VC scene - Healthtech - Africa

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Description :

France Digitale, representing the best of the French tech sector, has gathered together nine contributions in order to provide an engaging perspective on the topics that have been the main focus of the year in tech. These topics have dominated much of the conversation around tech over the last year, and it is important that all tech stakeholders equip themselves to deal with these issues. United Tech of Europe is a contribution by France Digitale to the conversation and is the first attempt to seek to answer some of these big questions.

This year's topics include women in tech, tech for good, Al for good, the European VC ecosystem, and the rise of digital health services. The African continent and its particular perspectives for growth are also considered, along with a review of how the tech sector and the wider economy can tackle the issue of the skills gap.

The contributors to United Tech of Europe are all business leaders, start up founders or tech superstars - and sometimes all three at once. Between them, the contributors have founded companies worth billions of euros, and have changed the face of the economy. They work in a variety of sectors, in a variety of countries and in a variety of ways, but all share the same commitment to contribute to this conversation. They have shared their unique and valuable insights into these contemporary strategic issues as the industry arrives at a critical juncture in its development, and their views could not be more timely.

Editeur Débats publics

Auteur(s) : De Nicolas Brien

Collection : Sens

Parution : octobre 2019

ISBN13 (eBook [PDF + ePub]) : 978-2-375-09099-2
EAN13 (eBook [PDF + ePub]) : 9782375090992

Tue Dec 15 10:14:39 +0100 2020

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