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Performing in a crisis

Extraordinary results in uncertain times

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Description :

Performing in a crisis: Extraordinary results in uncertain times is a timely look at how performance in the business world is changing. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to make drastic changes to the way that we do business. Many of these changes were previously unimaginable.

Parts of the economy simply stopped overnight, as governments ordered social venues to remain closed.

For the workplaces that remained open, new health and safety protocols had to be written, introduced and respected. Managers had to adapt quickly to managing remotely, as working from home suddenly became the new normal. Professional and social distancing introduced communication difficulties, further complicating the task.

Technology was also tested to breaking point. Some companies were forced to buy laptops at short notice. Others struggled as inadequate IT infrastructure buckled under the sudden increase in traffic. Any gaps in business continuity plans were suddenly exposed.

The best prepared were able to carry on working, but still had to face extremely challenging economic conditions.

The Ayming Institute has gathered together the contributions of four leaders who showed exceptional performance during the COVID-19 crisis. Their leadership, in companies, associations and hospital units, enabled exceptional performance in the fields of health and safety, communication, technology and managerial excellence.

Editeur Débats publics

Auteur(s) : De Hervé Amar

Parution : juillet 2020

ISBN13 (eBook [ePub + PDF]) : 978-2-375-09630-7
EAN13 (eBook [ePub + PDF]) : 9782375096307

Tue Dec 15 10:14:39 +0100 2020

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